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Purchasing solutions

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a standard for the electronic exchange of certain business documents such as orders, accounts and specific messages or confirmations.

• Connection for both order and invoice flow
• Direct link to your system or through partners


OCI or PunchOut (own purchasing system)

• Online store reflecting your specific customer conditions
• You determine which categories are visible
• Correct prices and delivery times always displayed

The PunchOut interface allows certain products to be ordered through our online store, taking into account sales agreements. Our online store provides you with all the necessary information while you handle the business processes through your own system as usual.

MyVink: our online store

With the “Customer item reference number” function you can link your own component numbers to Vink item numbers. Activating this function will display your own item numbers under the Vink item numbers on order confirmation documents, as well as on our online store’s product pages.


If you already make use of a purchasing platform such as Ariba, you are only one step away from the benefits described above. It’s transparent, manageable and cost-effective and the perfect solution for companies with their own purchasing system. We link your system to ours, making our entire product range immediately available to your buyers. They can see the prices right away and submit their order automatically.

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